Who are we


Hi, everyone, I'm Bert Holtes.

Born in 1957 in Alkmaar, the centuries-old, picturesque town in the Netherlands, which is world-famous for its cheese market.

I love everything, from thrillers to SciFi and everything in between.

After many hectic years filled with all kinds of outdoor activities - from a confectioner, marine (conscription), policeman, entrepreneur and executive in various industries - since 2010, after selling all activities, I am getting some more rest now.

During those hectic years, I was not able to do much reading.
And when you have the time now, what would you do ... Right. Write a book.

So, I'm a writer now, an author.

Although ... Writing is a big word, because in elementary school I was not really paying attention during the Dutch language classes.
I do have a great imagination, though. So I have written hundreds of pages.

But a book has to be well put together in terms of story and timeline and, of course, also linguistically.

That's why Wop, my dearest, with whom I've been sharing ups and downs for over 40 years, came up with the generous idea of helping me by taking on the finishing touches. In this way she unintentionally became co-author of the duo HOLTES & SIETSMA.

Well, she might have regretted that. After five winters of hard work, she has - after checking the storyline, making the necessary fantastic additions and putting commas and points in the right place - turned it into a challenging, readable story. It has become a beautiful global story.

At least ... That's what we think!
I will leave the final assessment to you, of course.

Curious? Read our book and ... pssst ... The eBook of part 1 and 2 is free!

Oh yes, if you have read it, I would love to hear your reaction.
The easiest way to leave it is via our website, at the 'Contact' section.

Thank you in advance!


Hello everyone, my name is Wop Sietsma.

Yes, a Frisian one. Born in 1957 in Sneek, a beautiful Frisian city in the Netherlands, known for its 'Sneekweek', the largest sailing event on Europe's inland waterways.

As a child, I read all the Jip & Janneke stories, followed by fairy tales, legends and sagas, Fantasy and Science Fiction.

I also like other fiction, as long as it's fun to read and exciting!

Professionally, I didn't like books. After starting out as a secretary, I did a lot of freelance work in the computer world.
In the mid-nineties I said goodbye to the business world for good.

Nowadays I enjoy the garden, greenhouse and vegetable garden in summer and in winter I do my best to turn Bert's imaginative epistles into a pleasant, readable whole.

I think it will give many people some pleasant reading hours.

Of course, I'm curious if that's really the case, so don't hesitate to post a review.

Just take a look at the eBook, because via our website,
everyone can download, read and give it away for free.

I wish you a lot of fun reading it!

Greetings from Wop.



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