Newsletter completion trilogy

April  2023                                                        Newsletter nr. 2023.01 


Dear all,

Herewith the first ultra short newsletter of 2023 with good news!

That's it!

After ten years of diligent work, in due time, our trilogy BACK-UP is complete and our story is written.

We are quite proud of the result.

And grateful for all the help we have received and the (positive) reactions we have received from many readers.

We hope that the final part of the trilogy will appeal to you as well.

Oh yes ... parts 1 and 2 have been upgraded. Do you still have old versions, want to throw them away and downlaod the new ones?

The first two volumes of the e-books are still free!

No more patience, just quickly click on the little hand and start to go straight to the page, where you can find more info about all three books.

Kind regards

Bert & Wop