Hello ...

we are glad that you are interested in the translation of our book.
At the moment the book has been translated into English and we are working on the German translation.

Translating a book is a specialty which we did not dare do ourselves.
For this you need someone who specializes in this field.

For the translation into English, after a selection procedure,
we found someone special.

He will introduce himself to you below.

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Hi, everybody!

My name is Martin and I was privileged to revise the Dutch version and translate it into English for you.

A word about myself: I was born in 1985 in Apeldoorn (a town in the east of the Netherlands), grew up in Zwolle and via Tiel eventually ended up in the beautiful village of Valkenburg (a small village near the coast, not the one in the province of Limburg).

I live there together with my lovely wife Tamara, whom you also see in the picture. Some of my hobbies and favorite activities are: traveling, days out (sauna, dining, theater, amusement parks), reading, watching tv series, playing synthesizer, gaming (board games and computer games) and spending time with my friends and family.

In short, I don't like to sit still, and I enjoy life!

In addition to my part-time job as a rail traffic controller and my work as a nutrition coach, I have been active as a freelance translator for several years now. From childhood on I've always been good with languages, but it took a long time before I decided to do something with it at a professional level. I was already working internationally on several projects, so I was used to communicating in English a lot, but that was about it. At one point, I started interpreting speakers at Herbalife training events verbally and simultaneously, and when a Netflix advertisement came by, asking for translators/subtitlers, things suddenly moved fast as far as translation was concerned.

Since then, I have been providing subtitles (both translation and quality control) for companies such as Disney, Netflix, ViaPlay and other streaming services, which I've been doing for 8+ years now. I also do all kinds of other translation projects, such as translations for computer games, blogs, web texts, travel articles, advertisements and now this wonderful trilogy.

I would like to thank Bert and Wop for the opportunity and trust they have put in me I and hope that I have been able to contribute to creating a pleasant reading experience. I wish you all a lot of pleasure reading the books, and if you like them, please do tell others about it!

Kind regards,