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Looking for a book for a relaxed vacation, to give away as a gift, or to get entangled in an exciting story on the couch at home?

Well, this first book of the serie BACK-UP will totally meet your demands with its generous 500 pages.

To spark your interest, you will usually find a summary of the book here.

But why reveal already that this literary thriller is full of action, comedy, crime, global intrigue, romance and last but not least, the necessary tension with surprising twists and turns?

Wouldn't it make you much wiser if you read here that an ancient mystery is about to be discovered?

Scifi? No. Yes. Maybe... Who knows!

One thing we do reveal ... The story starts and ends at the Peace Palace.

And ...

Ah, read the book and be surprised.

Have fun reading,

Bert & Wop

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As far as the world stretches
Book 1
Online debuted on 11-11-2019
3st print 2020
Book version 2019.03

Publisher free e-book:
Holtes & Sietsma

Publisher paperback:
Holtes & Sietsma

Isbn: 9781081394868

International distribution through
Self-publishing author


Book 2 is in the process of being edited on this moment.

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